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New Music Friday 11/30

The 1975, Courtship., Lyrah, and more



There’s plenty of new music to dig into this week, but make sure and give the new single from Lyrah a listen. Her new EP comes out in January and it’s so good. You’ll be glad you were ahead of the curve on this one.

I’m also loving the new ballad-y album from Eager Seas. There’s a lot of emotion and feeling in the songs that comes through.

New Music Friday 11/16

Trent Dabbs, Sunbathers, Coin, and more

New songs and albums out today worth adding to your library.



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Spotify playlist and more

Did you get a chance to listen to all the new music out on Friday? Below is a Spotify playlist with which might make it easier to consume some recommended music.

New Music Friday 10/26

Saves The Day, Dustin Tebbutt, Hush Kids, and more

Here’s the music out today worth adding to your library.



It may too early for Christmas, but A Legendary Christmas should be a good one when that time rolls around.

Saves The Day is a curious band. 20 years in and they are still acting like it’s day one. 9 is an album all about nostalgia. It celebrates the band’s time in the most obvious way possible—breaking the fourth wall and saying so directly.

Here’s examples from the first two songs:

Oh yeah we’re writing a record
Oh yeah you’re gonna love it, you’ll know it forward and backward.
We’ll get it stuck in your head every day on your way to work on time
The Windows down you’ll sing as loud as you can
You know we love it when you sing along
Turn it up we’re Saves The Day
- “Saves The Day” track 1

On a black and red couch, playing a burgundy Les Paul I played on Can’t Slow Down so many years ago, writing album number 9 right now.
- “Suzuki” track 2

This unfamiliar awareness isn’t the only curious thing, however. The last song is 21 minutes long, with seven parts. Enjoy.

New Music Friday 10/19

Novo Amor, Khalid, Savoir Adore, and more

Listen to this today.

Make sure to listen to an artist you don’t recognize.



Typical of October, there are lots of new releases debuting. While this newsletter is an attempt to pare down the overwhelming amount of music out there each week, all the albums and songs listed are worth checking out at some point.

The stand out release is definitely from Novo Amor. It’s Bon Iver, but different; it’s melodic, intimate, and inviting all at the same time. Birthplace will likely be looked back on as one of the best releases from 2018.

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