The Big List of Music Apps 2021

A collection of emerging music/audio apps and services

There are new music apps and services being released every day. Here’s a list of most of the ones I’ve come across since the beginning of 2021. Enjoy.


  • Doppler 2.3 - iOS music player for people who buy music

  • - AI Tool to generate melodies and help overcome writers-block

  • Audibly - StumbleUpon for audio experiments

  • Send a Mixtape - Give a digital playlist on a hand-crafted paper cassette

  • Music Traveler - A marketplace, centralizing spaces for the creative industry

  • Needledrop - A vinyl turntable interface for playing music from YouTube

  • Songlio - The ultimate online music guessing game

  • Melody Generator - Randomly generated MIDI melodies you can use for free

  • Echoes - Discover your personal music streaming stats and new music

  • Soro - Control Sonos with Siri shortcuts

  • tuneX - Like tinder but for music creators

  • Voice Recorder - Transcribe audio & video to text

  • re:AMP - Audio player for Mac with Winamp classic skins support

  • Boze App - Control your Bose headphones from your Mac's menubar


  • Music Time for Spotify - Discover the most productive music to listen to as you code

  • Timelineify - Create Spotify playlists of an artist's full discography

  • Spotipare - Find songs in common with other Spotify users

  • Shared Spotify - Find the common songs you have between friends

  • Concertmaster - Classical music front-end for Spotify

  • Playlistify - Take a sentence and create a Spotify playlist out of it

  • Discoverify - Spotify's Discover Weekly... But Daily


  • Merge Music - Merge music with friends to find out what music you share

  • Jamselect - See what your friends are listening to and share your thoughts

  • Karaoke Night - Karaoke with friends together on the web or in VR

  • Soapbox Mini - Social audio with mini-games

  • MyCassette - Create cassettes for your audio to share on social media


  • - Tune into forests from around the world

  • Sunlight Radio - Where electronic music meets NFT art

  • - The cyberpunk-inspired radio station for netrunners

  • - Relax and focus with live lofi stations

  • Vibe City FM - Non-stop & regularly updated selection of chill music

  • Hipstersound 3.0 - Create a positive atmosphere through ambient cafe sounds

  • Audioscape - Background video and sounds generator for peace of mind


  • Royalties Calculator - Know how much money any musician makes

  • Musicspace 2.0 - Music catalog management & protection for musicians

  • Hand Music - Make music with your hand gestures

  • Uppbeat - Free music for creators, no copyright issues

  • Pegboard - A mobile synth with a keyboard designed for music producers

  • Kodai - Convert audio recordings to midi, organize, and collaborate

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